Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get the fire extinguisher

It's like the 4th of July in your baby's crib.
No problem... Right?

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  1. One of the posters had even a more brilliant response! She said that flame retardant pj's also protects the baby if the house caught on fire. Umm. Yeah, you count on that saving your baby. Common sense isn't as common as one would expect.

  2. A poster actually was bright enough to think that flame retardant pj's will protect a baby if the house was on fire. Umm. Yeah. Lets count on that to save your baby.

    Common sense isn't as common as one would think.

    Dear mom, thank you for raising the future generation.

  3. Good LORD people. Static electricity anyone? *headdesk.rinserepeat*

  4. My husband said:

    "Yes. Tell her she should keep the fire department on standby."

    Oh I love that man. lol

  5. Bahahaha!

    That's great.

  6. lol I am a member of that board!! I figured it would pop up here :)

  7. My husband said she should ground her. lol